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About Us

Akvora Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the region’s Leading trading company dealing in Air Conditioner and consumer electronics appliances. It started its operations in the year 2016 in Colombo.

Its strong business ethics is creating customer friendly atmosphere in the business. Vigilant survey of the latest trends and brands of the international market along with constant study of the customer expectations have slowly but steadily expanded its brand AKVORA, giving a geographical Coverage to its range of Products and services levels. Today AKVORA is fully grown brand, serving the users expectations in Air Conditioner and consumer electronics appliances. AKVORA is committed to deliver its Promises Quality Products and Quality Services on timely and effective basis. It always strives to ensure its customers that they derive the best Value for the money they spent. “Quality products &any time availability of after-sales services” is the motto of AKVORA.

Our Success

The prime reason for our success relies upon the company’s attitude of giving our customers the best they deserve. In this contemporary business world our company prioritizes the requirements of our clients and work hard to fulfill their demands. This attitude is held steadily by our innovative and highly experienced SALES and TECHNICAL Team, who not only guides our customers through their taste, but also helps them choose the ideal solutions for their requirements. This is followed up by an excellent after-sales service, from over 300 authorized franchise service centers island wide.


To provide customers the most compelling shopping experience by providing a better product.


Committing in providing a top range of quality products, through continuous improvement in all areas and aims to achieve total customer satisfaction.